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2021 Phoenix Scholarships

One of the goals of the Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation is to provide scholarships to qualified individuals who are actively pursing a path to recovery from substance use disorder.  The vast majority of young men and women have had their educational goals derailed or disrupted as a result of their disease.  Many have lost the support, financial and emotional, of family and friends.  Many have had brushes with the law.  As a result, employment opportunities can be limited. The combination of new- found sobriety, damaged relationships and limited career opportunities can be daunting, leaving many in recovery to wonder what their futures might hold.

The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation firmly believes that education is ultimately the bridge to long-term recovery.  Most young people battling back from substance abuse are working minimum wage jobs that don't allow them to save enough money to resume or begin their educations. These young people want a future and a career, but often see no way to get the education they need to achieve their goals.


The Mark Garwood SHARE Foundation seeks to bridge that gap by offering up to $5000 in financial grants to qualified individuals who are in recovery and seeking to initiate or resume their educations while attending school in the South Florida area.  


To date, the Foundation has awarded over $210,000 in scholarships and aid

to 32 adults in recovery in South Florida.    

Applications for the 2022 Phoenix Scholarship Awards

will be accepted July 25-September 18, 2021.

2022 Phoenix Scholarships will be awarded November 12, 2021

during our Shoot For the Moon sporting clays event.


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